Common Causes and Reasons for why you suffer from Back Pain

Reasons for Back Pain: A Flashback

1. Did our ancient humans also have back pain problems?

There are many reasons for back pain. Back pain is one such problem which has been affecting millions of people for times since eternity. Previously it was thought of to affect people with old age. Indeed in our ancient times, most of the people who suffered from back pain were elders and old aged people.

reasons for back pain

In those times very few young people used to suffer from back pain, even most of those had some serious undiagnosed bone related problems(mind you many of the present diseases were not even discovered than.)

2. Why our generation has been suffering from Back Pain Issues? Also What is some of the lifestyle changes which are common causes for back pain problem in today’s world?

In the last few centuries, mankind had made so much progress that cannot be even accounted for. We have developed sophisticated tools for all the work that previously needed to be done physically by us.  As a result, now most of the work which was previously done physically have been automated for our convenience.

Lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary day by day. Perhaps the greatest innovation by mankind after “electricity” has been the “mobile phone”. And people are getting hooked on to this innovation so much so that there have been calls to make “limitations in usage for mobile phones”.

causes of back pain in new generation

In short, Lifestyle has become sedentary and that has, in turn, contributed to the increase in obesity cases worldwide. Obesity is indirectly one of the common cause of back pain related problems. Sometimes I long for that simple life which our elders you to enjoy. Farming, Grinding the flour with hands, plowing the fields, and so many other things that were once very much part of daily life.

No wonder we can see so many people of the past generation who look fitter and healthier than so many young people today. Indeed it is the classic case of something becoming bane instead of the boon(in this case, of course, we are pointing to technology.)

Apart from this, there are still quite a few causes for back pain related problem as discussed below:

1. Bad Posture:

Something as simple as correct body posture can help you a lot if you deal with back pain. Indeed wrong body posture is one of the main reason for back pain in many young people. Always make sure that your spine posture is correct whatever you are doing. People who work for long hours in the office and slouch in their comfortable chairs also suffer from back pain related problems.

bad posture one of the cause of back pain

Better use chairs in which your back posture is correct. Also, make sure to take small breaks in between the work hours.

People who sleep on the stomach also complain about back pain. Sleeping on the side or back retains the neutral position of the spine. Sleeping on back interferes with the neutral position of your spine and hence is not ideally recommended.

2. Lack of exercise:


Your car needs service in every few months of use, right? So what do you think about your body? Exercise helps you build muscles. Also, exercise helps in the stretching of muscles which helps up build strength. Stretching and exercise help in the relaxation of muscles which have been fatigued or burnt out.

Exercise keeps you fit and your weight in check. Overweight people are more likely to suffer back pain than the ones who are fit and healthy.

3. Muscle Injuries:

One of the very usual causes in many of the working people, athletes, etc. It can happen to anyone, for example, many people who go to the gym unknowingly pull their muscles during their initial days.

Many of the people who are actively involved in sports also face muscle injuries. We see many famous sports personalities taking a break from their muscle injury for the recovery and at times surgery. Some of the muscle injuries lead to back pain.


People who tend to do a certain type of work also prone to spasm or muscle pulling. For example, when I was working as a sales rep in the initial phase of my career, I had a serious muscle spasm problem that occurred due to carrying a heavy bag around the shoulders. Ultimately I showed up at a physiotherapy center to get myself rid of the problem.

4. Age-related:

old age causes back pain as bone degenarates

Many people especially those who have crossed 60 years suffer from back pain. This is more of age-related thing. With time your reflexes become slow. The ability of your body to heal bone and muscle damage slows down. In addition, most of the elder suffer from problems of bone degeneration such as Arthritis and osteoporosis.

5. Bone-related problems or diseases:

Even many of the young adults nowadays are facing problems such as Arthritis.  Problems like Arthritis, Osteoporosis and skeletal irregularities such as scoliosis also lead to back pain related problems. Slip discs – a condition more and more people are experiencing nowadays also cause discomfort and back pain.

6. Other Factors:

There are many other things which directly or indirectly cause back pain. Smokers are more prone to back pain related problems as the study suggests. It states that smokings constrict the ability of blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the spine. Pregnant ladies often suffer from backache because of the increase in weight and body mass in the frontal part of the body during pregnancy. Obese people also suffer back pain because of the excess weight put on.

How to get rid of Back Pain?

Stated above are some of the factors which are the causes or reasons for back pain related problem. Many of the causes of back pain are lifestyle related and as such can be overcome by incorporating good habits like daily exercising, posture correction, and quitting smoking(for smokers. ) You can also use a specific mattress for back pain which is specially built for the people who suffer from back pain.

Happy Healthy Living!!!!


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